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>> gus: 34-33. 12th ranked texas trying to hold on with under six minutes to play in the fourth quarter. you look at the scoring drive. nine plays, 75 yards. seven rushes, two passes on the drive. >> charles: physical, pounding run. look who's back for oklahoma state. justin gilbert, who broke a 100-yard kickoff return last year against texas. >> gus: this one squibbed and out of bounds inside the 20.
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oklahoma state has only defeated texas one time at home. 1997, rw mcquarter returned a punt 78 yards for a touchdown. quarterback tony lindsey ran for three scores. ricky williams ran 21 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. it was too little too late. oklahoma state won it 42-16. >> charles: bob simmons was the head coach. that became a bowl team for oklahoma state. it was not touched by oklahoma state in the field of play. that ball goes to the 40 yard line on the kick out of bounds on the kickoff. excellent field position again for them to start. actually, it's on the 35. excuse me. now we're going to look and see if it was
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touched. >> gus: texas with 18 wins in the last 19 games, decided by three points or less. >> charles: the ball bounces on the kickoff. texas didn't want to give justin gilbert an opportunity. the hand came up. did it alter the path of the ball, knock it out of bounds? head goes down. i think they're going to say that that hit an oklahoma state player and the ball will be out there. see the player? his head's down. like i touched it and i didn't possess it. number 39, i believe, there. but i think that's ted
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dij teddy johnson. n not wes harlan. we have two 39s. >> gus: that is johnson. >> charles: sometimes your body large debe trays you. watch how he pursues the ball to the sidelines. i think he felt like he hit it. i think the officials will see it the same way. ball pops up in the air. the path is altered. texas will get a break on this one as the ball comes back. >> referee: the ruling on the field stands. >> charles: wow. wow. that's a surprise to me. that certainly looked like the ball hit him and got altered and moved to the sidelines. teddy johnson is happy. >> gus: i think mike
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gundy is happy with his team lining upg at the 35. first down. >> charles: so much for those eagle eyes, gus. that went right down the tubes. >> gus: walsh over the middle. throw as strike, blake jackson. still moving. jackson refusing to go down. inside texas territory. >> charles: how about this throw again. sharp throw and then jackson after the catch takes care of the football and drags texas defenders into the secondary. >> gus: first and ten at the texas 39 yard line. moves over to the other side.
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randle. randle breaks free! stutter-steps, tackled from behind at the 23. by kenny vaccaro. what a gain for joseph randle. he gains 15. randle on the night averaging close to eight yards per carry. 22 rushes. make it 23, 185 yards. here he is again. outside. smash mouth. >> charles: todd monken does not mind repeating successful plays. randle runs over josh turner and makes it difficult for kenny vaccaro to bring him down. >> gus: first and ten
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at the 13 yard line. this time, it's roland. jackson jeffcoat there. >> charles: well in field goal range to take the lead, only down one. mike gundy and his offense thinking bigger than that. what oklahoma state is showing us, the defending big 12 champion is saying you want our crown? you better come get it. >> gus: second down and eight at the 11. roland. this will bring up a crucial third down and six at the nine. remember, well in field goal range. quinn sharp awfully accurate. >> charles: how much do you trust j.w. walsh in this situation taking care of the football if you want to throw the ball
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here? this is what todd monken is going to tell us with this play call. >> gus: j.w. walsh has been superb running the football in the second half. >> charles: they're going to let it tick down and make a decision. >> gus: 3:20 to play, fourth quarter. big third down coming up.
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>> gus: in the fourth quarter, texas up by one. oklahoma state facing a third down and six at the 9. they can get a first down if they can get to the 3 yard line. j.w. walsh, the redshirt freshman quarterback, from denton, texas. hands it off. randle, and he won't get there. steve ed mond with the tackle. >> charles: if oklahoma state kicks this and gets the lead, texas has shown their proclivity to not want to kick the field goal. they're not confident
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in their guy. over the year, they thought they were going to have anthony fera kicking. he's been hurt. nick jordan has struggled, 3 of 7. a two-point lead here could be very big for oklahoma state. >> gus: one of the best kickers in america, quinn sharp. from 24 yards away on the right hash. and it is good. 2:34 to play in the fourth quarter. oklahoma state reclaims the lead, 36-34. >> charles: this is why mike gundy felt better about the kicking situation. this is pregame. texas trying to get it done.
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that number 28 there is nick jordan. coming into the game, 3 of 7, a long a of 38. his misses, 0 for 3, 40 to 49 yards. one miss between 30 and 39 yards. texas all night long has tried to make it a four-down territory when possible going deep in the territory. now with a two-point lead, mike gundy feels a little bit better about the situation if they can force texas to try and kick it. >> gus: so quinn sharp, and you know he wants to drill this one out of the back of the end zone. >> charles: ever since they gave up the kickoff return, there's been nothing close to being returned by quinn sharp. >> gus: goodwin and monroe back deep. and this one out of the end zone. texas from the 25. don't forget, coming up after the game, stay tuned for the
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at&t fox college saturday post-game show. they'll cover all today's action, including south carolina and a little trouble early and number one alabama against ole miss. >> charles: the last drive by tex a you talked about could it be a defining type of drive. it was a character drive. now they've got to summon up another one. oklahoma state answered back with a character drive of their own. >> gus: david ash, 19 years old. he'll start from his own 25. ash. incomplete. intended for joe bergeron. >> charles: that was well defended by brodrick brown, number 19.
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>> gus: on second and ten. ash in trouble. stays on his feet. and is lucky to get back to the line of scrimmage. brian robinson with the tackle. third down. >> charles: the forced pressure came from nigel nicholas, number 89. made him step up into the pocket. >> gus: huge play here. third down and ten. ash in the shotgun. david ash.
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steps up, underneath, and down at the 29, alex elkins. that will bring up fourth down and six. texas, no choice here. with 1:36 to go. they're all on their feet in stillwater. fourth and six at the 29. ash. other the middle. oh, what a catch! down the sideline and out of bounds on fourth down, and six, and he gets 29. ice water in the veins of this young quarterback. >> charles: good protection from his offensive line. gave him a lane and he stepped into the throw and d.j. grant catches it and gets the big first down for texas.
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>> gus: first down and ten at the oklahoma state 42. 1:12 to go. texas with two timeouts. ash. drops it off. out of bounds. >> charles: very intelligent play by hills, getting out of bounds to conserve time on the clock. i think if mack brown's thinking he has to kick the ball with nick jordan, he wants it to be probably less than a 30-yard field goal. 35 would probably be the outer distance that mack would feel comfortable. >> gus: second and five at the 37. ash. unloads, up the sideline. davis, what a grab inside the 5! mike "magic" davis goes up and brings it down! david ash, what a
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throw. >> charles: he went over their best cover corner, justin gilbert, and that catch, that's what the kids today call beasting a football. going up over the top of a man. ball's thrown slightly behind. davis adjusts first and his catch puts texas in business. >> gus: a gain of 32. first and goal at the 5. bergeron, the deep man. they give it to him. bergeron, and he goes down at the 2. 39 seconds to go and counting. s oklahoma state with two timeouts left. and they'll use one. texas stops the clock. longhorns with one time-out to go.
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>> charles: you just know right now, joseph randle has been -- i think you used the word heroic earlier. he's been stupendous in his play tonight. texas doesn't want to kick this ball at all. they want to find a way into the end zone and take it totally out of the hands or foot of nick jordan. >> gus: for oklahoma state, if they can manage to stop texas and force them to kick it, second and goal at the 2. bergeron. dives forward. >> charles: i'm not sure he got there. >> gus: no signal. touchdown!
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>> charles: he stretched out and i think he landed on top of one of his teammates and was able to get across the look at the run by bergeron. stays on top of the pile and as the pile slips and falls, he falls into the end zone. how about that for a drive, a fourth down pass from ash to d.j. grant kept it alive. and then they took it from there. >> gus: texas goes on an eight-play, 75-yard drive, hitting paydirt in 2:05.
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>> charles: did he actually get in? as we look, can't find the football in there. there's bergeron's head across the goal line. but i'm not sure -- >> referee: the ruling on the field is a touchdown. the previous play is under further review. >> charles: my initial thought was i wasn't sure he got there. now having reviewed it, seeing that -- did i see ball come free down there? >> gus: it looked like the ball came free, you're exactly right. >> charles: but they would have to, for oklahoma state to have the football there, the officials would have to rule clearly that they had possession and took it away, and i never saw that rule. but i'm not sure bergeron got across the goal lean with the football. his head got to the goal line, but did the ball cross it? goes into the pile right there. >> gus: the ball did
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come loose. >> charles: the ball pops free. right there, we saw the ball pop free. right now, can't find the football. mike pereira, in los angeles, our rules analyst. mike, your thoughts? >> well, let's address the fumble thing first. and if the ball's punched out, remember they rule touchdown. you'd have to have a clear recovery before it goes into a scrum, which you don't see. you just see them point out the ball actually after the scrum. so, you know. >> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field stands. touchdown. >> gus: they're saying the ruling on the field stands, touchdown. >> charles: going on what mike's saying. if oklahoma state didn't come out of the pile, you can't give them possession post. you have to have the officials rule oklahoma state with the ball coming out of the pile.
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they can't reverse what the officials called on the field. >> gus: one more look at it. >> charles: bergeron goes in. you see the ball in the middle right there is coming out. but the officials had already called touchdown. >> gus: jordan adds the extra point. the touchdown will stand. texas takes a 41-36 lead. but they will be talking about this one in stillwater all week long. i don't know about you, partner. to me, it looked like a fumble. >> charles: it does. and i think mike pereira -- >> gus: more did bergeron cross the plane with the football. >> charles: they didn't see that. they ruled touchdown.
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since they ruled touchdown and didn't give possession to oklahoma state on a fumble, they can't go back and award possession post, can they, mike pereira? >> they treat that like a down ruling. you could play through the touchdown, and you actually could give the ball to oklahoma state. but here's the thing. it looks like it might have been a fumble, but there was not a clear recovery before it got into the scrum. it's not who comes out of the scrum. it's who has possession before it gets in there, and that's what they could never establish, so that's why the ruling on the field stands. you can say 8 goes in now and pulls the ball away eventually, but that's not a clear recovery before the scrum. so that's why they stayed. >> charles: thank you, mike. appreciate it. >> gus: with 29 seconds remaining, oklahoma state will get it back with two timeouts. >> charles: texas has squibbed a quick
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recently. they could get good field position. >> gus: they kick it deep. gilbert takes a knee. j.w. walsh and the oklahoma state offense will have to go from the 25. and a player injured. and that's dalton santos. freshman backup linebacker. >> charles: he came into the game with an injured calf muscle. looks like they're working on that now. he's the number one cover guy on kickoff. they called the kickoff team the wild bunch. this guy's become the number one wild guy going down, covering them.
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>> gus: doubleheader next week, folks. arizona and stanford. and then we will be in austin with a high scoring west virginia mountaineers coming to town to take on these longhorns. >> charles: for texas, what have they had trouble with on plays in the secondary this evening and all year? tackling people and getting them to the ground. missed tackles here mean big plays. oklahoma state more than capable of breaking off big chunks. texas has to tackle in the secondary. >> gus: walsh with two timeouts. over the middle. charlie moore, josh stewart closest men to the football.
8:25 pm
>> charles: there can be zero relaxation if you're a texas defender. we've seen oklahoma state score so quickly during this evening. >> gus: second and ten. texas rushes three. and they get to him! randle with the fumble recovery. oklahoma state calls a time-out. jackson jeffcoat, alex okafor, both in the backfield. >> charles: that's what you expect out of your big-time players. when the ball game's on the line and the pressure's there, you expect 44 and 80, often called the best tandem of defensive ends not just in the conference but possibly in the country. they'll get an argument out of lsu with mingo and montgomery, but they rank up there and a big play was made. >> gus: last three seasons, not how you start, it's how you finish. texas has gotten off to good starts.
8:26 pm
>> charles: just think about big games. big-name opponents. that's what texas is looking for this evening. trying to put someone up on the mantle that the rest of the country will set up and take notice yet again. if they pull this off, being the defending big 12 champion, that would more than qualify. >> gus: texas with a tough road. oklahoma state here, west virginia. to the sidelines, and tracy moore gets out of bounds with 11 seconds to go. >> charles: the ball has to be sent downfield by j.w. walsh and oklahoma state. >> gus: oklahoma state will call its final time-out.
8:27 pm
>> charles: you're counting on a strike downfield. you're counting on pass interference downfield. it's a 15-yard penalty. you're looking for whatever you can to keep it alive, keep giving you shots downfield. >> gus: fourth down seven. >> charles: look at the secondary of texas, how deep they are playing. >> gus: j.w. walsh, over the middle. randle, walsh across the field.
8:28 pm
moore. moore! and that's it. texas holds on. the longhorns come into stillwater and knock off oklahoma state. what a dramatic finish. 41-36. the final. next week, texas/west virginia right here on fox college football. let's take you now to erin andrews in our fox studio for the at&t fox college saturday post-game show. i'll be really honest with you, gus and charles. i don't know who was screaming mo more, the gus effect or the eddie, joey, ea effect. we'll have no voices the rest of the week. next, lsu bounces back in death valley. a barn burn twer wisconsin and
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